Wednesday , July 26 2017
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About Musalman

Seorang jejaka yang dahagakan berita artis. Kacak bergaya dan disegani ramai. Lagak menghisap rokok sahaja membuktikan dia seorang yang optimis.

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  1. bagai pinang dibelah dua.Sama cantik.Mereka telah membuat pilihan yg tepat.Alhamdullillah.

  2. sama cantik sama padan

  3. Waaah… My tears falling bcoz very happy to see your beautiful face my superstar erra.. Im happy coz I feel your happiness from your tantalizing eyes… I pray to the good Lord that your happiness will last forever and ever till the end of time……

    During your visit in Sabah in June 2006 if Im not mistaken, I was observing you outside Secret Recipe with your 15 other friends co. artists (groups) I Knew Engku Emran is the right guy for you bcoz I sense, D handsome Engku is your matched…I did actually asked Engku Emran whether you're more than friends and he said to me pray for it.. I really pray so that Cupid strike both your hearts that nothing in this world will change that. Thanks God for His good works.

    So, please take care and love each other from the bottom of your hearts.

  4. semoga berkekalan..


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