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Super Tinggi: The Shard, bangunan tertinggi di Eropah (10 gambar)

The Shard merupakan bangunan tertinggi di Eropah buat masa ini. Ketinggiannye ialah 309 meter. Kos untuk membangunkannye pula sebanyak 450 juta Euro bersamaan lebih kurang 1.7 billion duit Malaysia. Ia telah siap sepenuhnye dan telah dirasmikan pada bulan ini. Sekali pandang macam Barad Dur dalam LOTR, aiiitee? Lagi gambar after the jump.

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  1. komen baru ialah 1st

  2. biasa jer.. apa yang menarik sangat ye! cuba bagi tau sikit….

  3. Height: 1,012 feet (308 m)
    Completed: June 2012(open February 2013)
    Construction started: 2003
    Address: London, Southwark
    Architect: Renzo Piano
    Owners: QInvest, Qatari Islamic Bank, Barwa Real Estate, QNB Group
    Developers: Irvine Sellar

    Named for its resemblance to a sliver of glass, The Shard is included with apartments, offices, restaurants and a five-star hotel.

    Planning wasn’t exactly easy, partly because Southwark’s own local plan said the site was not suitable for tall buildings. English Heritage was wildly opposed. CABE was supportive of height and architecture, but worried about transport connections.

    After some inquiries, and the inspector’s huge vote of confidence in the scheme, Irvine (the developer) bought the adjacent office tower, thus allowing the transport connections to be properly resolved.

    The replacement sister building, also by Renzo, must be one of the very few where the architect changed his mind about the design after permission had been won, and asked the client to accept an entirely different design. It is to Irvine Sellar’s credit that he agreed. I think he knows what a wonderful job the architect has done – both for him and the Qatari funders.

    You can search on the internet for further details. 🙂

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