Sempena Hari Bapa, Fazura juga tidak ketinggalan memberikan ucapan buat ayah di laman Insta. Sambil memuat naik gambarnya sewaktu berusia sekitar beberapa tahun, dia menulis caption yang berbunyi

I may be grown up now, but I’ll always be my daddy’s little girl. My father left us in year 2000 and since then, not a single second of a day has gone by that I did not miss him, pray for him, or wish he was here with me. I think of him during my good & trying times, and on our holidays, Raya & Ramadhan. I wish we could laugh together, I wish I could cry on his shoulders. I often wish he was still here for me to shower him with all my love, time & gifts. But, all that I can do now is pray for him. I promise to make you proud. Happy 59th Birthday Papa!!! ️Love eternally, your only daughter